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A sunrise boat trip in Barcelona is an exciting activity at sea with a truly magical highlight. Watching the sun rise above the horizon while sailing the Mediterranean is not only beautiful but also a spiritual experience... and we can't recommend it enough! During this boat trip you may catch sight of dolphins, big tuna, and other fish jumping out of the water, as they look for their early morning meal.

The sunrise boat trip in Barcelona itinerary.

Vela's sunrise boat trip in Barcelona starts at Port Marina Vela, in La Barceloneta. After welcoming you on board & showing the boat, we will head over to open sea. We will sail for about 20 minutes to position ourselves in the best spot to see the sunrise and the skyline of Barcelona.

After the magical sunrise, we will make a stop in front of La Barceloneta beach and relax with some beautiful views of the city's coastal neighbourhoods. You will have the opportunity to take an early morning refreshing dip at open sea, swim and use our big paddle board.

You can ask for any drinks during the sunrise cruise; from orange and pineapple juice to cold beers, water or soda. We will also offer some light snacks to go with your drinks.

Before heading back to port, we'll capture the moment with a vintage Polaroid camera.

Discover the Morning Vibrant Sea Life.

While we sail, we will encounter schools of tuna and other fish jumping out of the water in pursuit of an early morning feast. With their friendly and curious nature, playful dolphins frequently come to surface to greet passing boats.

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A 5-star boat trip.

Sailing during sunrise in Barcelona is a truly once in a lifetime experience. You get to experience the tranquility of the sea in its calmest state, with no waves and light breeze. There's a shared sense of intimacy with nature as we all sit back and watch the sun rise from the best view point one can imagine.

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At what time is sunrise in Barcelona?

The exact time of sunrise in Barcelona varies throughout the year but, as a general guideline:

  • In winter, the sunrise is typically around 8:00 AM.
  • In spring and fall, the sunrise is around 7:00 AM.
  • In summer, the sunrise in Barcelona is usually around 6:30 AM.

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