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Sailing along the Mediterranean coast of Barcelona at sunset offers you a fantastic point of view of the sun setting behind the iconic city skyline. During the sunset cruise in Barcelona you will not only enjoy beautiful views and a relaxing time at sea but also experience an international, laid-back, and youthful vibe on board.

Vela's Sunset Cruise in Barcelona itinerary.

The sunset cruise in Barcelona begins in Port Marina Vela. After we welcome you aboard the sailboat, we will leave port and tour the historic Port Vell and Maremagnum area, located at the end of Las Ramblas. After that, we'll open sails and navigate into the open sea along Barcelona's coastline.

Drinks will be served throughout the sunset cruise. From Catalan Cava to Spanish Wine, cold beers and soda, we'll make sure your glass is filled. Some light snacks will also be offered to go with your drinks.

Before heading back to port, we'll capture the moment with a vintage Polaroid camera and we'll give you the physical copy.

The best reviewed sunset activity in Barcelona.

We've sailed at sunset countless times, and everyone who has experienced it agrees – the sunset cruise in Barcelona is a must-do! Whether you're planning a surprise for your girlfriend, a family activity, or a fun and relaxing time at sea with friends, this boat trip is a great choice!

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Private Barcelona sunset cruise.

If you prefer to have the boat exclusively for you and your companion we recommend you upgrade your sunset cruise to a private trip. This is what you get with the private option:

  • Just you, your companion and a Vela captain on board.
  • Flexibility to alter departure time.
  • The possibility to extend the duration of your sunset cruise.
  • You can alter the itinerary of the trip.
  • You are allowed to bring food and beverages.
  • We can arrange a pizza or paella delivery right to the boat before departure time, so you can have your meal at sea.
  • Play your music throughout the trip.

At what time is sunset in Barcelona?

The exact sunset time in Barcelona varies throughout the year. As a general guideline:

  • During the winter months, sunset is between 5:30 and 6pm.
  • In spring and fall, the sunset is around 7:00 and 7:30pm.
  • In summer (around June), the sun sets around 8:45pm.

Can Solo Travellers join the Sunset Cruise?

Yes! Thanks to our pay-by-seat system, we offer solo travellers and small groups the opportunity to experience a Barcelona sunset cruise without having to pay the full costs of chartering a boat and hiring a captain.

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