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Alinghi boat america's cup in bARCELONA

America's Cup 2024. Should you rent a boat to watch the America's Cup in Barcelona?

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Renting a boat for the America's Cup ensures you get a front-row seat to watch this historic sailing event. As you cruise along the racecourse, enjoy close range views of the powerful AC75 and AC40 yachts fighting for the trophy. Unlike those onshore, you'll be in close proximity to the boats and their world-class sailors, creating an unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Advantages of renting a boat to watch the America's Cup in Barcelona.

Here's a list of the advantages of watching the America's Cup at sea on a boat in Barcelona:

  1. Front-Row views: Renting a boat positions you at the forefront of the action, offering unobstructed and front-row views of the America's Cup races. The proximity to the sleek and powerful racing yachts, as they navigate the azure waters, provides an immersive experience that simply cannot be matched by onshore spectators.
  2. Great atmosphere:The atmosphere on a boat during the America's Cup is nothing short of electrifying. Joining fellow enthusiasts aboard a vessel creates a dynamic and passionate ambiance. The cheers, the thrill of the races, and the camaraderie among sailing enthusiasts contribute to a lively and unforgettable atmosphere that adds an extra layer of excitement to the event.
  3. Once-in-a-Lifetime Event:The America's Cup is a prestigious and historic event that unfolds only once in every 4 years. Watching it from the deck of a  boat transforms the experience into a truly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
  4. Being at Sea in Beautiful Barcelona: Barcelona's beautiful coast serves as the perfect backdrop for the America's Cup. Renting a boat allows you to be at sea in this beautiful setting, combining the thrill of the races with the scenic beauty of the Mediterranean.

Boat rental pricing.

As the anticipation for the America's Cup in Barcelona reaches unparalleled heights, the demand for boat rentals to watch the regattas at sea is inevitable. The combination of limited availability and high interest is expected to lead to elevated pricing for boat charters. This are the key points affecting the pricing of renting a boat to watch the America's Cup in Barcelona:

  1. Very high demand: Given the global popularity of the America's Cup, enthusiasts from all corners of the world will be flying in to Barcelona to witness the trainings and races unfold. With the limited number of boats, the demand for boat charters will surpass the available supply, driving up prices.
  2. Exclusive experience: Renting a boat offers an exclusive and unparalleled perspective on the event. The exclusivity of being on the water during the America's Cup in Barcelona adds to the allure, further intensifying the competition for available boats and again, driving up the prices.
  3. Limited boats: Barcelona has a finite number of boats that can accommodate spectators for the America's Cup. The scarcity of available vessels, particularly those that can carry more than 6 people aboard, contributes significantly to the anticipated rise in prices.
  4. Premium packages and amenities: In response to the heightened demand, boat rental companies in Barcelona may introduce premium packages and enhanced amenities.. Exclusive catering, personalised services, and additional perks tailored to the America's Cup experience may become premium offerings, contributing to the overall rise in pricing.

In summary, the unprecedented demand, coupled with the scarcity of available boats and the growing preference for an exclusive and intimate spectator experience during the America's Cup in Barcelona, is expected to drive charter prices to higher levels. Our estimates indicate pricing ranging from 4,500€ to 9,000€ per day, with variations based on the number of guests and specific boat characteristics.

While the investment may be significant, the promise of front-row views to this historic sailing event make renting a boat an attractive option for those who seek an extraordinary and unforgettable America's Cup experience.

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